With the rise of security concerns in healthcare today, and increased emphasis on integration between systems and providers, choosing who you partner with is critical. Thanks to over 40 years of experience of taking complex requirements and delivering simple, elegant, user-friendly solutions, Fast Foundry is a partner you can trust and rely on. Whether the application is internal or customer facing, we will deliver results that will exceed expectations.


In today’s connected world, there are more ways than ever to get the word out about your company’s products and services. Navigating these different channels on your own can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming. However, with the help of a trusted partner, finding the best solution for you is an achievable goal. Fast Foundry can be that partner for you, and can take your message or product and get it in front of your target audience without spending a fortune.


When it comes to financial systems, complete accuracy and dependability are essential. Fast Foundry can make this a reality, helping you increase profit and reduce expenses while keeping the bottom line clearly visible. Our attention to detail and clean design will help you track every penny with ease.


With years of experience delivering media across a wide variety of formats, the team at Fast Foundry is ready to help solve your media delivery challenges. Regardless of your specific media needs, we will help find the right solution for you and your customers.


Fast Foundry has years of experience helping companies assess their current processes and find methods to improve efficiency. This makes it possible for us to assist and collaborate with you in every stage of the process, from initial planning and architecture, all the way through deployment and support.


Whether it is integration with existing systems or replacing antiquated ones, regardless of size or system requirements, our team is prepared to to take on the variety of challenges across technology in education today. From K-12 to higher education, workforce training or non-profit, Fast Foundry will partner with you to devise the best solution for your needs.

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