Inventory Audit Application

Warehouse Inventory Auditing system for large retail distribution warehouses.

Fish & Wildlife Application

Product processing that enables management of Fish and wildlife specific checks to be implemented into the importing process.

Inventory Item Push Application

An application allowing buyers to create and manage product orders that are pushed to retail stores from the corporate inventories based on inventory levels, regional location and season.

Item Inquiry Application

Reporting and tracking warehouse items and the transactions related to them across multiple warehouses.

Advertising Management Application

Nationwide Advertising purchase and contract budgeting management system.

Site Survey Application

Site assessment for new business occupation and improvement of retail chain properties

Cash Management Application

Accounting Cash flow Management and Automated ACH application for large retail chain.

Warehouse Picking Application

Fulfillment operations order picking program allowing team members to process pick lists based on location & defined priorities, printed with box labels to low cost thermal printers.

Fabric Management Application

Fabric rolling tracking, fulfillment and processing for large retail store distribution.

Freight Receiving Application

Freight Receiving application that ties Orders to products being received. Allows for managing quality control processes.

Asset Management Application

Enterprise Asset Management system to track assets and their maintenance across large enterprises.

Construction Project Management Application

Project management application for construction departments.

Recycling and Trash Tracking Application

Tracking of recycled materials and trash compacting at hundreds of sites across the count saving the company millions per year

Purchase Order Application

Enterprise purchase order system for retail chain.

Lead Ordering Application

Mass mailing marketing order and lead management system.

Marketing Data Imports Application

Marketing system mass data imports.

DataMatrix Card Reader Application

Application processing mass mailing cards with bar codes that are matched to orders in order management system.

Business Vetting Application

Business background checks and research application.

Business Data Warehouse Application

Region database of all business entity registration records from multiple states.

HoloStation Application

Event specific application used across multiple events for large retail chain. Combined attendee video recordings with brand specific images.

Event Tour Applications

Multiple interactive 3D application demonstrating the company's products and services.

ComicCon Application

Escape Room video recording and processing application for launch of new TV series at ComicCon San Diego.

Experience Center Application

Multiple interactive 3D application demonstrating the company's products and services.

NBA All Star 2020

Event specific application for on-site activation during NBA All Star Weekend.

Event Conference Application

Event specific Augmented Reality interactive application for HIMSS Health Care Conference.

Toyko Street Virtual Walls Application

Event specific application to demonstrate and allow user interaction with the company's product.

ATM Machine Application

ATM Machine tracking and management system.

Video Streaming Platform

Web based interactive virtual conferencing platform for large scale events to be streamed.

Escape Room Applications

Escape room applications for on-site event and portable event trailer.

Product Demonstration Applications

Multiple interactive 3D application demonstrating the company's products and services.

Smart Assessment Tool

Personality Assessment tool that maps an individuals character traits to defined videos for each trait.

Veteran Support Application

Veteran benefits and support system website.

Veteran Education System Application

Veteran education support system.

Social Counseling Platform

Social networking and support for victims.

Healthcare Medical Careers Website

A website dedicated to curating the available career opportunities in the healthcare and medical industries.

Compliance Management Application

A compliance management tool that enables organizations to manage the one time and recurring events for a large financial organization.

Battle Trivia Application

Custom application written for use in convention setting gamifying trivia content for the event with other event participants.

Tennis Tournament Applications

Custom immersive applications written for large sporting event with interactive displays for the specific participants in the event.

Beacon Application

On site event application using proximity sensors to track attendee interactions.

Glass Wall Application

Custom presentation wall that allowed presenter to interact with the multi-screen video wall during the event.

Ticket Kiosk Application

Ticket giveaway kiosk application for NFL team.

Ticket Giveaway Website

Website to manage the giveaway of event tickets across the retail stores of a fortune 100 company.

Tattoo Artist Site

Business marketing website for Tattoo Artist.

Musical Supplies Site

Musical supplies online store.

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